Right now I play a Hohner Blues harp and I love it but it doesn’t compare to the marine band. For any given reed on a Marine Band or Progressive series, the MS reed will be longer, giving it a somewhat bigger sound. Also, the lacquer on this one looks shinier and feel slicker than on the MB Classic and the Blues Harp MS. Le Marine Band de chez Hohner est finalement assez proche du Blues Harp bien qu'un peu moins chaleureux et non équipé du système Modular System. Par contre il est du coup un peu plus polyvalent. Maybe I should have just went with non valved to be fair but I don’t want another non German made one right now I guess. But Hohner revamped the design about three years in (circa 1995) and made them actually quite robust. From the classic 1896 to the modern Crossover, the Marine Band Series offers a range of genre-defining instruments which are the choice for countless leading harmonica artists today. Great CHEAP(price) harp . Cafe Society. There’s different styles throughout the US, the UK has its own blues scene, and Irish folk has bluesy influences as well – or does blues have Irish influences? When investigating a single manufacturer, you might still vacillate over Hohner blues harp vs marine band harmonicas. It produces the great tone that old-style Marine Band players are used to, but it offers even more versatility. For the record, the blow chord is rooted relative to A=443Hz, with the draw chord a little higher. 12TET will enhance the brighter attributes of the harmonica. Note: I am not endorsed by any specific harmonica company. As such getting the best harmonica in the market is important. I've been playing this harp for a while now and not noticed any changes in the comb, although I tend to play with a relatively dry mouth anyway, so your mileage may vary. Check the comb surfaces where the reedplates lie on them. In the key of C they both feel very responsive and fun to play, they are the best bang for the buck, and they will last a very long time. black_rabbit April 3, 2002, 1:07am #1. Hohner Marine Band Harmonica 5-Pack in a padded case: The same thing as above in a traditional wooden-comb harmonica. The bends are all easy to play right out of the box and the 4, 5 and 6 overblows are there without any adjustment. I also notice that there are no reedplate codes stamped on the sample I have. Forums:: Gear. Speaking of comfort, the Deluxe now features the same ergonomic cover shape as the recent version of the Crossover, with no more gaps to snag the facial hair of moustachioed players! Idk I tried cheaping out in a easttop and I was terribly disappointed with their half valved harps. The Harmonica is among the easiest musical instruments to learn how to play. The sample I have is in Bb and plays comparably with some of my better vintage Marine Bands. Its uniquely authentic sound has defined the role of the harmonica in the blues tradition and made it the benchmark harp by which all others are judged. COVER PLATES In 1973 I purchased my first Hohner “Blues Harp”. "harmonica hohner blues harp" Hohner Harmonica Blues Harp en la majeur. In the end i just prefer the sound of a wooden reed over plastic. Whether you play diatonic, chromatic, tremelo, bass, or chord harps - or you lip purse, tongue block, or u-block, welcome! Once again a triple lacquered comb, but where the original Deluxe was sealed just on the outsides edges and in the reed chambers, the current version has all surfaces of the comb sealed. Hohner Marine Band – Pros: How it plays: What I liked about the Marine Band from the beginning was that it really felt like a music instrument when you draw and blow air through it. The original version of the Blues Harp was introduced in the late 1960s and despite the stories about the reeds somehow being different (see this page for more details), was essentially a Marine Band with different covers. Le Sommier est en bois. Whichever came first, blues is known and loved around the globe. Pyle harps . You can feel the brass reeds vibrating deep inside it. Mon, 08/27/2012 - 18:29 #1. As far as my researches showed me, the Blues Harp is basically the same harmonica as the Marine Band but in a more robust metal package. I just discovered. As David’s answer says, one difference is the comb material, plastic versus pearwood. With the Blues Band, you can join the fun, play along to your favorites, or jam with friends. Around 1980, I got a Blues Harp that promptly broke a reed, the only broken reed I've known. Joined: 05/08/2010 . But Hohner revamped the design about three years in (circa 1995) and made them actually quite robust. The thirds on the Blues Harp, for instance, are a bit sharper and the chords aren't as lively, you don't hear that interaction of the tones like you do on a Marine Band, unless you retune it. New improvements include better volume and a more rounded mouthpiece opening. The Marine Band Deluxe is a relatively recent addition to the Hohner range. In this video I compare 3 different harmonicas that all carry the Hohner Marine Band harmonica name. Initial reactions to the MS harps were less than positive, but the whole range has undergone many improvements since then. The tuning is rooted somewhere between A=443 and A=445, using a light temperament, with 5 and 9 draw tuned sharper than the MB Classic, but not quite as sharp as on the MS harps. With the right product and sufficient time, you can develop your skills to become an expert player. 4,5 sur 5 étoiles 294. Looking at some pictures online and I'm 90% confident that Pyle are rebadged East Tops. The MS-Blues Harp comb is made of Doussie, a wood that is less swell-prone than the pearwood used in Marine Bands (which nowadays are sealed and less prone to swelling, though it still happens in my experience), and also has mild antibacterial properties. The most recent improvement to the Blues Harp MS is, as with the Marine Band Classic, a triple lacquered comb, again on all surfaces of the wood (the wood being the tropical hardwood Doussie, used on previous version of the Blues Harp MS… The current version of the Blues Harp is part of Hohner's Modular Series and was introduced in the 1990s. Top. Dave Hall . The reeds are identical to those used on the MB Classic, MB Crossover, Special 20 and Golden Melody and I think this is a great harp for the player who likes the traditional Marine Band style harmonica, but prefers reedplates that are attached with screws, rather than nails. Crossover vs. Deluxe. Anytime I hear the word "cheap" in a conversation about harps, I take interest. Any vids? 3 replies Sat, 08/25/2012 - 09:34 Taylor Ward . It's great to see this old favorite back on form again! Même si le marine band reste aujourd'hui un modèle d'harmonicas mythique et toujours très populaire, il y a eut évidemment des évolutions vers des harmonicas plus modernes ou des harmonicas spécialement réglés pour jouer des styles de musique blues ou jazz, permettant de faire les altérations (bending) et over notes (overblow) plus facilement. These reviews are strictly based on my own experience and opinions. Joined: 06/03/2011 . Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. The lacquer is applied to all surfaces of the pear wood comb and you can easily tell these apart from the older models by their natural finish, rather than the time-honoured yellow paint on the outside edges of the comb. It does feel like it, but the bigger and more robust case does give it a more solid feel in your hands – which I believe just makes the harmonica more satisfying and … Aside from this, the harp is pretty much the same as it's been over the past decade or so, although I did notice that tuning and reed adjustment was a little more consistent on my review sample than on the last batch of MBs I had the chance to examine. Blues is an incredibly versatile and eclectic genre. Although I applaud all the innovation Hohner has done in the past few years, I can't help but feel their hand was forced by all the innovation that Seydel and Suzuki have done in the past 5-10. The Deluxe also comes in a neat zippered case like the Crossover and Thunderbird. Although the blues harp is pretty similar to the classic marine band, I have slight preference for them given the choice between the two. They don't leak as much air. Why is the reed plate being held together by 2 screws a disadvantage? It is handmade in Germany, and you can pretty much say that it’s a jacked up version of the beloved, #1 best-selling Hohner model – the Marine Band. A community for all harmonica players and enthusiasts. The additions and improvements to the Marine Band range (including the regular Marine Band, the Deluxe, the Crossover and the Thunderbird) are due in no small part to the tireless enthusiasm and hard work of Steve Baker, who has made the Marine Band his own pet project. The MS Blues harp is an OK harp, but it does have a disadvantage in that the reedplates are secured with only two screws instead of the three used on the Marine Band Deluxe and Crossover, and about 14 nails (with each reedplate individually fastened) on the classic Marine Band. If you are new to the world of harmonicas you might find it challenging to determine what the best harmonica is for your situation, which manufacturer is best, or which type of harmonica you need to use. Invest those few extra bucks and get a Hohner Marine Band or a Hohner Blues Harp instead. Offline . It received very good reviews when it first came out in 2005, but Hohner have found a few ways to make them even better. It also has a sealed comb and a new cover style, making it as airtight and sturdy as possible. Two things you could do to optimize that MS-Blues Harp: Take a small file and round off the edges of the comb tines for greater playing comfort. For an inexpensive harp this is a good brand and USA warranty & replacement . The most recent change is that it now has a triple lacquered comb to help reduce moisture-related problems. I own a Special 20 and several Marine Bands (as well as some Golden Melodys). I just googled and you can get a Pyle for $16. If you see saw marks, flat sanding the comb could improve airtightness. It’s a more raw blues sound. The MS harps got a bad rap early on because the original reed design was poor. Les meilleures offres pour Vintage Hohner Marine Band Box W/ Hohner "Blues Harp" Harmonica Instrument sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! You sound like a knowledgeable guy . It responds very well and very fast to your breathing and has a great push and “voice projection”. I find with the blues harps they require more air than the marine. C,G,A,D, E. Hohner Special 20 Harmonica Pack with Case and Belt That Enjoy your harmonica journeys. The most recent improvement to the Blues Harp MS is, as with the Marine Band Classic, a triple lacquered comb, again on all surfaces of the wood (the wood being the tropical hardwood Doussie, used on previous version of the Blues Harp MS). For any given reed on a Marine Band or Progressive series, the MS reed will be longer, giving it a somewhat bigger sound. Big Names in the Harmonica Industry. Nope call Pyle acoustic customer and ask em . I would like to play a special 20, i’ll buy it in A and post to let you know how it is. The valves rattle like crazy and it makes a noise that makes me sick..and that’s what I’ve heard is supposed to be one of the better off brand harps. The venerable Marine Band Classic, Hohner's best selling diatonic for more than a century, has undergone many changes over its history, which I've documented on this page. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Initial reactions to the MS harps were less than positive, but the whole range has undergone many improvements since then. None of these are new models, of course, but they have all undergone recent changes, so I thought brief reviews of the current versions were in order. Do you have a specific model name/# you would recommend? I highly recommend either the Marine Band or the Blues Harp / Pro Harp as a first harmonica. Just listen to any Sonny Boy (1 & 2), Little Walter, George Smith, Paul Butterfield, or William Clarke recordings, just to name too few. I practice on Marine Bands, but have always used Blues Harps live and when recording due to the fact that they’re easier to play when I’m drunk and I like their dirtier sound. Press J to jump to the feed. Hohner had have quite a bit of competition over the last few years, but it seems that they have responded by stepping up their game. All the best,-Alon. Click here for our system of mastery for all skill level blues harmonica students. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’m looking to get back into playing the harmonica in a band situation, and I need some new performance harps. And unlike the “compromised just tuning” of the Marine Band (better for chordal playing), the Crossover is tuned closer to 12TET “12 tone equal temperament” (better for single note playing) – think Hohner Golden Melody or Lee Oskar harmonicas. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The Hohner Marine Band Deluxe puts a modern spin on Hohner's popular Classic Marine Band harp. Many people opt for it as a learning instrument due to its simplicity. If you were one of the many people who was disappointed with the MS harps when they first came out, you might want to try some of the recent production runs - the tone and response is not quite the same as on the Classic Series, but if this one is representative of the current state of the MS harp, then they are solid workhorse instruments, immeasurably better than those first MS models. When did the MS series come out? Lee Oskar Harmonica vs Hohner Special 20. MBD tuning is the same as current marine band 1896. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 140. Tuning . Hohner Blues Harp vs. Golden Melody. The … Here’s how I compare them. Well put together for the price . With its trademark vented cover plates adorned with ornate stampings, wooden combs and outstanding reed sets -- the traditional voicing of this harmonica is unmistakable. Honer player for 30 years . 28,00 € 28,00 € "harmonica chromatique" OTraki Harmonica en Do 10 Trous 40 Tonnes Clés de C Blues Harpe Harmonica Professionnel Musique à Bouche avec Étui et Chiffon de Nettoyage pour Débutants Enfants Adultes Étudiant Cadeau. I used to be a German only player too (I have roughly 50 harps and most are either honer or lee Oskar a few Suzuki all aluminum )and the Pyle (American made ) sounds better than the blues harp bluesband or the marine band . I’m sure you’ll thank me for the advice. Hohner Marine Band Harmonicas are the gold standard of blues harmonica. The tuning on the sample I have is a little closer to Just Intonation than previous MS models that I've examined, but with 5 and 9 draw tuned significantly sharper than the Classic models and the whole harp tuned slightly higher overall - keynotes relative to A=444Hz. What's the difference besides the bamboo comb? All I can say is I have played this fucker HARD on stage almost nightly for a month and she has pulled and bent like a CHAMP! The instrument in question is the Marine Band 1896 Classic, the original blues harmonica and historically the world's most popular harmonica. Any thoughts about high end Pyle harps? This was the starting point of our Marine Band Series, which has gone on to play a key role in unleashing the raw emotion of the blues, the free spirit of country or the energy of rock ’n’ roll. I decided that the Blues Harps had weak reeds, and switched to a plastic-bodied Hohner. C, G, D, A, E: Hohner "Case of Blues" Harmonica 5-Pack in a zippered case: A relatively economical way to get started on a Blues Harp collection. Two things you could do to optimize that MS-Blues Harp: Take a small file and round off the edges of the comb tines for greater playing comfort. The blues harp and Marine Band are tuned differently. I’d love to hear your stuff . Most significant is that the Marine Band is a wooden comb, nails-in-wood construction whereas the Blues Harp is a sealed wooden comb with screw mount construction. Combined with the rounded ends to the comb tines, this gives a really comfortable playing surface to the mouth and tongue. Offline . The current version of the Blues Harp is part of Hohner's Modular Series and was introduced in the 1990s.

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