0000032418 00000 n Soaker Alcove Bathtub … The integral apron this tub features makes it much easier to install. American Standard has been in business for over 140 years and makes a huge amount of quality products. WARNING! A durable, lightweight and less costly alternative to cast iron, the of American Standard Inc. unless otherwise noted. If such damage is found, report it to your vendor, After inspection and during installation, protect the bath from construction damage. 0000036919 00000 n An American brand with over 140 years of innovations, American Standard is … 0000001918 00000 n This tub … Framing and, enclosing materials are provided by others. Do not make modifications to the whirlpool system or remove pump from factory mounting. The tub… It’s lighter than cast iron, and remains spotless for ages. 0000010645 00000 n American Standard 2461.002 Cambridge 60 x 32 Inch Integral Apron Bathtub, Right Hand Drain Outlet, for Alcove Installation. Barrier free 5' whirlpool and bathing pool, americast brand engineered material (2 pages), American standard cambridge 5' whirlpool and bathing pool specification sheet (2 pages), Everclean / evolution whirlpools and bathtubs (17 pages), American standard whirlpool and bathtub installation guide (21 pages), Whirlpool/bathing pool, americast brand engineered material (12 pages), 5 x 30 afr whirlpool/bathing pool, integral apron with removable access panel, for above-floor rough installation, high gloss acrylic, shown less all fittings (4 pages), 5' whirlpool, integral apron with removable access panel high gloss acrylic shown less all fittings (4 pages), American standard virtuoso elite whirlpool parts list (1 page), Built-in whirlpool high gloss acrylic (4 pages), 5’ integral apron whirlpools by american standard high gloss acrylic (2 pages), Whirlpool and bathing pool high gloss (2 pages), American standard bathing pool installation guide (17 pages), 6' x 36" whirlpool and bathing pool, high gloss (2 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Bathtubs American Standard Cambridge 2460.002 Specification Sheet, Bathtubs American Standard Cambridge 2460.028 Parts Manual, Bathtubs American Standard Cambridge 2460.028W Specification Sheet, Bathtubs American Standard 2422L / V Installation And Operation Manual, Bathtubs American Standard Lifetime 2422LA Installation Manual, Bathtubs American Standard Stratford Whirlpool/Bathing Pool 2470.XXXW Installation Instructions Manual, Bathtubs American Standard Colony 2740.XXX SERIES Installation Instructions, Bathtubs American Standard Williamsburg Elite 5' Integral Apron Whirlpool 2425E-LHO Installation Instructions, Bathtubs American Standard Virtuoso Elite Whirlpool 7236E Parts List, Bathtubs American Standard Ellisse Built-In 2703.118W Specification Sheet, Bathtubs American Standard Williamsburg Elite 5' Integral Apron Whirlpool 2425EC-LHO Specification Sheet, Bathtubs American Standard Reminiscence 2908E Parts List, Bathtubs American Standard Whirlpool and Bathing Pool 2732.002 Specification, Bathtubs American Standard Green Tea Whirlpool and Bath Tubs 3572 Installation Manual, Bathtubs American Standard Scala Oval Whirlpool 2645.018 Parts List, Bathtubs American Standard Evolution 7236V.002 Specification Sheet, Page 3: Electrical Installation Instructions. 0000009263 00000 n Protect all finished surfaces of the whirlpool during construction and installation using a drop cloth. The slip-resistant surface helps provide safety. 0000002020 00000 n t��97N�sx�G?x��#� 8�� endstream endobj 21 0 obj <> endobj 22 0 obj <>stream Soaker Alcove Bathtub with Left Drain in White / $ 668.85 American Standard Colony® Pro Single Handle Pressure Balancing Bathtub & Shower Trim Kit … Soaker Alcove Bathtub Left Drain. First, we removed the old tub and the drywall around the tub … 0000010161 00000 n Americast is a specialty material made of layers of high-grade enamel, steel, and a leakproof composite base. Your new, bath is shipped to you after careful inspection. 0000048364 00000 n ( 1524 x 813 x 451mm), Carefully uncrate and inspect your new bath for any shipping damage. Rather than standard acrylic, the Cambridge tub line is composed of Americast. 0000017300 00000 n Install a ledger board on the wall, put the tub in place, and make sure it's level. Shop American Standard Cambridge 32-in W x 60-in L White Reinforced Porcelain Enamel/Metal Oval In Rectangle Right-Hand Drain Alcove Bathtub in the Bathtubs department at Lowe's.com. WHIRLPOOL/BATHING POOL. 0000044366 00000 n 2425L/V - LHO ... Cambridge … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for American Standard 2461002.020 Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub Right Hand Drain, 5 ft x 32 in, White at Amazon.com. The Americast installation instructions require a 2 x 4 stringer to be attached to the studs on the far wall (which is about 5 feet in length). American Standard Cambridge™ 60 x 32 in. p.33 The major American … 0000001406 00000 n American Standard Cambridge™ 60 x 32 in. This Item: American Standard Cambridge™ 60 x 32 in. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Woodbridge 67" Acrylic Freestanding. 0000022021 00000 n 0000009364 00000 n In my last post, we were ready to install the American Standard Princeton Tub. 0000001710 00000 n 0000007647 00000 n ;����Ԅ4�{�h�ىtu��`�����,Q����]�KjE;�F�����2{N��/(0����xٟA���c&(���|}�F$�� ����lCj�.2-1=3#=3!ې�O7b�|�x��,�xC�!�h���.%K����LH2�&d�ӥ'�w)I��zC�lC�.,3'q^jBV✔4C�n��!/q~NV��0?_7?%ѐ�eH�e��Lϙ=G������a�}fBf�nL�>�G����KM��Q����)g&ݔ��K4df'�vnNfJVRJbvJzZV���HC American Standard Cambridge Tub… h�b```f``Y�����}�A�X��������������-Gn�P�u�eɁ��A����W�������b����G�4$����V382z1�jf4d\Ũ͸���A���~FnƗL����ؕ8=8�s�q�sr�,��ld��(d�g�a�֛��P�a�� � �-�10��iF ~` �50I endstream endobj 16 0 obj <> endobj 17 0 obj <> endobj 18 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>>> endobj 19 0 obj <> endobj 20 0 obj <>stream 0000002871 00000 n Also for: Cambridge … 0000001116 00000 n Starting at $679.90. 0000048615 00000 n FOR AFTER-SALES SERVICE CALL 1 (800) 442-1902 WEEKDAYS. List of Optional Components (not included): List of Required Components (not included): All product names listed herein are trademarks. Best Freestanding Tub. View and Download American Standard CAMBRIDGE 2460.XXXW SERIES installation instructions manual online. %�������J��M��鬈V)v*{�H�IE��=�����k��N�Σ]�v#ۭh�O�+�*9)�8U���Bv;����6r����w�b�0�����\�\׾G���W\F��r)s���{���t��Z�z�c��w�R�RU%��*���[���N�:���Ýwv�u�p���:Op�bZ�ib=��g���b'��-ֶ����_"�u,l��6n��Ð�9rV���>R٢U��똚ڛ���(�º�t�uoz��FH� User manuals, American Standard Bathtubs Operating guides and Service manuals. hެWyXW�ﲩ*Dl�+���T5.8 0000002387 00000 n With its 32-inch width, the Cambridge fits easily into standard bath alcoves. Do not handle or move the whirlpool by the pump, Fittings (bath filler, shower arm, etc.) 15 0 obj <> endobj xref 15 41 0000000016 00000 n Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for American Standard … THANK YOU... for selecting an American Standard … CAMBRIDGE 2460.XXXW SERIES bathtubs pdf manual download. 0000019713 00000 n 0000026924 00000 n This Cambridge americast 5-foot bathtub is just what you need for taking long, relaxing baths and bathing the children as well. Thankfully all is back to normal and we can work on our kids bathroom remodel. 0000008452 00000 n for selecting an American Standard bath. 0000001487 00000 n the safety and performance of the whirlpool and void the warranty. Starting at $668.85. 0000084853 00000 n *�(��(D"�ƍ�FQYdi �1ƈ���QA��Dc��7ܢ/.�6Dێ(�V�˜KN;�n��L�}�������K�{�w����Q8�S0�5|dDT�8��|�!;%1!:>. Bathtubs {state.current_page.full_list_length} items found Popular Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Product Name (A to Z) Product Name (Z to A) Show 5 Show 10 Show 20 Show 50 Show 100 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 791033-100 Rev. Installation Manuals - Cambridge Plumbing | Below you will find links to our Installation Manuals. Click on the link to the product you need and it will allow you to download the installation document (.pdf) … 0000008788 00000 n Durability and beauty define the American Standard Cambridge 60-inch x 32-inch Americast Bathtub in White. The installation of this Cambridge bathtub is an easy process. BEST ALCOVE: American Standard Cambridge Apron-Front Bathtub BEST SOAKING: WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding Soaking Tub BTA1515-B BEST WHIRLPOOL: Woodbridge 71″ x 31.5″ Water Jetted Whirlpool Tub There is no need to build a supportive platform either as the Cambridge … 0000012194 00000 n 0000009418 00000 n Due to a family illness, we had the project on halt. The American Standard Princeton 5 ft. Americast The American Standard Princeton 5 ft. Americast Bathtub in White is built from rugged material with great insulating properties and is lightweight for easy installation. Made by American Standard, a well-known name in bathroom fixtures, this tub is both 50% lighter and longer lasting than the traditional cast iron tub. trailer <<0FC33E51C11746809D039E790DA3B05D>]/Prev 145206>> startxref 0 %%EOF 55 0 obj <>stream Read honest … 0000084890 00000 n This traditionally styled, integral-apron bathtub … If the tub fits easily into the space and the plumbing is already set up, you can install it yourself. This could adversely affect. In addition to that, for having Cambridge integral apron, you will find the front … American Standard Cadet Reversible Whirlpool Bathtub. Product Rating 4 /5. Secure the flanges to the wall studs and fit the tub … %PDF-1.4 %���� whirlpool version is completely assembled with pump, motor, and system piping. American Standard Cambridge 60"W x 32"D x 17-3/4"H White Bathtub with Left Drain ... Americast ® is our revolutionary alternative to cast iron that's more durable, lighter and costs less to install. 0000015437 00000 n 0000012522 00000 n The Cambridge tub is no exception to that rule, and graces any bathroom with a modern look, yet timeless design. Shop bathtubs and a variety of bathroom products online at Lowes.com. h�T��n�0��~�=������RK[)���Iz7f�H�X�����4U����x�r��w��=��4����9X� Find American Standard Cambridge bathtubs at Lowe's today. 0000047467 00000 n 0000010949 00000 n Installation And Operation Manual • Installation Manual. Do not lift whirlpool by the piping harness at any time. M AMERICAST BRAND ENGINEERED MATERIAL CAMBRIDGE® 2460 SERIES/2461 SERIES WHIRLPOOL / BATHING POOL FOR AFTER-SALES SERVICE CALL 1 (800) 442-1902 WEEKDAYS. 0000117693 00000 n American Standard Cambridge™ Rectangular Bathtub with Right Drain. ��A���촬��I͇�8a�w� y.�m�S���Y�&7 �B��s-���铄���o��M�@Q@�����G����/A��t9x�q��b0�E�UR@n� t��=��Uc�L�2I�C�#kb���~nj�� The Americast material that the tub is made of is strong and long lasting, and the white porcelain gloss finish is versatile and attractive. All you need to finish the, installation are your selected fittings and electrical, To insure maximum performance and pleasure from, this product, please follow the instructions and. 0000047143 00000 n This tub … After installation, and before. He can manufacture one or two devices at a time, and of course as far as construction goes, his installations cannot be streamlined to the same degree as would be done in factories with standard mass production. The bathtub’s … A stringer is just a stud itself cut to size. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR 2460/2461 WHIRLPOOL, 60 x 32 x 17-3/4 In. When you buy a American Standard Cambridge 60" x 32" Alcove Soaking Americast Bathtub online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. A~K���'��JQ�ZG�nw,Db,��D�$a�gq b�g�Ŋ�=4W�衹BW��ExX��r����9 This is a whirlpool bathtub with reversible … For full remodels, … A durable, lightweight and less costly alternative to cast iron, the Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub from American Standard … The. Check for availability of optional American Standard wall tiling bead. are not provided with the bath and must be ordered separately. enclosing with wallboard, tile, etc., water test the unit and check for leaks. 0000039848 00000 n 0000007989 00000 n 0000024200 00000 n Download 538 American Standard Bathtubs PDF manuals. Installing a American Standard Cambridge bathtub is a job you do not have to keep putting off or making excuses about. 0000011475 00000 n ݮBr.�)R�.�,>�>����*��{w7$�\&���O���h�$���k��v� ��K��h_������Dc��I}�Rt��I x��ң��v?�?���J��i3v�. 0000029602 00000 n 0000044945 00000 n It can fit itself into standard bath alcoves for having 32-inch width.

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