I want to share his comments: “Greetings from a very ECSTATIC customer! It appears that legislation cutting consumer protection rights will be challenged or greatly reduced soon. It is still way cheaper then buying a new mower. Again, there was no contact and we were asked via email again that if no contact had been made by the manager to call him ourselves. I also have the same thing wrong with my “Junk Deere” L130 mower. Well, I’ve had the updated K-66 running since September now. Anyhow, thanks for all the interesting information. I have a 2003 LT 150 that has a tranmission that is starting to whine going up hill. Man, I loved that tractor. I found Roger great to deal with and very helpful. At least I’m not mowing around it. I then pulled off the bottom plate and removed the filter. The tranny whines and complains on any type of hill or even a flat surface if it hits a bump. The John Deer dealer offer $200.00 trade in for a 5 year old mower, on much more heavy duty JD mower, for more $$$$$$$$. Since owning a John Deere was ‘the mower’ to own I went with it. It still is not as strong as it was originally. I never heard another word. Called JD again they were very rude and said it was my fault for cutting more than one acre. Now at 330 hours, the transmission is starting to lose power on the hills. I am in Australia but would be willing to try and help anyone thinking of upgrading an LT series mower, just leave a comment. Thanks, Bill, I was able to significantly improve the poor performance of my L130 transmission by : What a shame to have such a nice piece of equipment with a faulty K46 Hydrostatic Transmission. So I contacted Tuff Torque and ordered all the replacement parts….I following the diagram and carefully putting all the parts back in place….am I going to regret spending so much on this project..I have 200 hours on the machine, since 2008. I asked about repairs up dating the transmission, no can do was the reply. Look on eBay: “John Deere K66? Since there seems to be a pretty substantial demand for these kits, we are now taking reservations. It added another half acre ground to my yard :):) Hey Roger, like the others I googled the X300 transmission to see why the heck my 300 is dead. The only problem with overfilling is it will overflow when hot and make a mess. I removed it from the tractor, after reading these blogs, and drained the oil through the top plastic vent. i bought a John Deere based on them being a good product, boy was I surprised. If the cooling fins on the tranny is covered in grass they dont cool. But before they could pick up the tractor I searched the web, found I wasn’t alone and called back the dealer to cancel the pickup. ..fixing mowers to get the lawn looking good. I pushed one time about 6 inches of powder. It went in without a problem and what a difference! I believe I would not have been able to do it without the k66 upgrade.”. I want to let you know that I have never met Roger (who sells the kit) and never communicated with him before I made my purchase. The deck howled like a banshee, cuts real nice though, and the blades on it weren’t bad at all. My mower does the same exact thing – won’t go up hills and makes a lout trans. That was my husband’s price at his place of work. Thanks! The differential gears run in the same oil as the hydraulic pump and drive unit. With the new synthetic oils, it will probably withstand the heat a LOT longer – heat is the problem I guess. Sounds like it is the way to go according to the posts I have read. HIT THEM IN THE POCKETS AND MAYBE, MAYBE THEN THEY WILL SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE. (Fill cycle takes a VERY LONG TIME due to the small 3/8″ I.D. “Oh, you should buy a more heavy duty tractor that can handle your hills!”……and spend $3-4000.- (or more) and still not know if I’ll have problems down the road……JERK! 8/19/2014 UPDATE: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, SIGN THE PETITION. No forward, no reverse. On another forum one of the posters mentioned that if you use the throttle to control the speed then the transmission will overheat. I am glad I found this. Hey Jim thanks for this forum it might have given me more time with this unit, or at least I know where to go if it fries on me. I have a Cub Cadet 3 speed that can pull a house, (though its only about 35 yrs old) but need some TLC. After pricing new transmissions I decided to try and repair this since I had little to lose other then some time. Prices go up, quality goes down, quality is none existent, and accountability is not in the manufacturing industry. You will not see these prices again. Therefore, your upgrade kit is well worth the investment! Lastly, whatever happen regarding the lawsuit. Say what you want about Murray lawn tractors, but I’ve owned two of them with over 25 years of use between the both of them and have never had one issue with the hydro, motors, etc. Regards, ken. As far as I know nothing was done to cause this by me and it was working OK before the overhaul. ;). Turn the Fulcrum Shaft counterclockwise slowly until the Axle Shafts rotate forward. “If” we decide to market more kits, it will require buying K66 transaxles directly from Tuff Torq. I too have a defective transaxle on my John Deere L110. 1 year it took to do the first of 3 trannys in. After the first joy ride, it pushed out a little bit of fluid on the floor, as one other guy said happened on his oil change. Can I get some more details on this set up please? If someone files suit let me know! 230 Hrs, are on the unit. I don’t want to sound “gloom and doom” and I wish you all the luck, but I changed the oil on my K46 (2 qts of JD oil bought at the dealer). Another frustrating item is the steering. Don’t you hate when the consumer is right? Today January 22, 2015, the mower has only 76.3 hours on it and the transmission is failing. Roger, please hurry, and please try to keep it relatively inexpensive. Add me to the list. The ground speed, in both FORWARD and REVERSE will be slightly faster. If I had let events run their course it most certainly would have resulted in a $800 bill for a replacement transmission that would ultimately have the same problem again. I love the tractor now that is has a new transmission (not from John Deere), but riding around in this power house leaving people with the impression that it’s a John Deere is wrong :). I have two JD mowers both running well ( but remember Yellow and Green is expensive to maintain). Do I need to change the tranny fluid. Steve: I looked at a couple Husqvarna’s today and all had K46’s. Irrespective, our issue is not with the Forest Glen dealership as it is now but if that is the only offer John Deere is prepared to make then we will explore other avenues even if only to make others aware of the problems we have experienced. If sufficient replies are obtained, I will spend the money to open a class-action lawsuit against JD… hoping they will be forced to replace the K46’s with the K66 trans. They should never have put that junk out it has hurt their reputation. same as all of the others, no go on hills with this five year old l118. It seems to run fine. I cleaned it thoroughly with gasoline and an old toothbrush, then blew it out with air, repeating this about 3 times. Hi Joe: I’m sure you could put a K66 in your 185, but it would be an extensive project beyond what we could offer in a kit. i have a L130 mine will not pull hills just like the rest put me on the list. With the research I’ve done it looks like my next tractor will be a GT series Husky for $3300k or less. I just installed the upgrade transmission in my L120 this week. Thought it was a great deal cause it was never touched. Now at 335. It took maybe 1 + hour. As most others here I bough John Deere because it is “AMERICAN made” and the “best on the market”… BOY WAS I WRONG !!!!! Like everyone else, I believed JD stood for quality, reliability, dependability, and service. Tuff Torq has ruined John Deere’s reputation in my opinion. I wish I had purchased one of these instead of my John Deere L series! Yes Jim…..that’s where you drain the oil and also refill it. LA-145 Same problem. I bought a LA 145 2008 had 147 hrs. However, once I got everything back together I have no reverse. I’ve read several forums concerning the disappointing K46 transaxle on the web. I bought a cub cadet and spent over 4 grand. it appears everything but the highrange is working. When i got this thingy it ran great.. 54″ deck on it and the deck never had an issue. I agreed. Apparently the L120 was either designed to mow nothing more difficult than what I could do with a good pair of scissors or else they are designed to crap out unexpectedly so that we will for some apparent reason run out and buy another one in order to pad the John Deere Sales sheet for the year. Now in 2014 I buy a JD La 135 , I have repaired the Trans 3 time in 2 years,This trans is junk all these are the same failure { JD does not put the factory recommended oil them ) I’m disgusted and will not trust JD again ! But if you really, really need a strong tractor and have been considering junking your L1xx and writing a check for $6000+ … Don’t! I wanted to let the last poster, Mike Know that it is also used (k46) in the x300 model that I bought at a John Deere dealer not the big box “homeowner” edition with the same results. Anyone out there that does not have the Mechanical ability or just does not want to fool with the install I would be willing for a few $100 bucks or so. Is there a chance of it not fitting under some of the tractors, such as between the frame rails on the LT??? It has 115 hrs on it. Was also looking to purchase a used blower for the winter. The K66 is considered a light duty transaxle however for a L series lawn tractor it is a significant upgrade. I will do a little research on other brands for the next purchase. John Deere dealer Gabe me a quote to change the tranny for $1000. All of the inexpensive, surplus, K66’s are gone. When i do driveways for xtra gas money and have a few contracts who ALREADY PAID ME FOR THE SEASON??? I have a steep hill and it just started to make a noise. Now it seems I won’t be steering anything as the L17.542 mower isn’t moving anymore. No wonder Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, and others are doing so well. The transmission problem was one John Deere should have predicted. This is the option I ran with and I’ll explain that in detail shortly. In reading this forum I see that there is a lot of mention of using a 5W-50W motor oil. Last week, we purchased Tuff Torq’s complete inventory of K66’s. Works good on a downhill run but have to use the ATV to bring it back home! I’m in for the lawsuit. A REAL JD lawn mower costs about $6000.00 After mowing for about 20 minutes, it’s starts slowing down whenever I turn sharply. Feedback is greatly appreciated. on the service desk at John Deere and tell the techs to “blankity blank”! I put it back together and put straight 30 detergent oil in it, about 2 1/2 qts. My first one, purchased from a John Deere dealer, not the Home Depot or Lowe’s downgrades, lasted me 9 years on a 1 acre yard that was as flat as a skillet. I have been thinking of ordering the upgrade K66 kit but it’s hard to spend $1,500.00 on the kit when I paid $2,100.00 for the mower new. Look for a good condition older used one and paint it and save yourself 3 to 4 thousand dollars they are out there. I have had the same problem with the John Deere L130 tractor as so many others have noted. That model is the John Deere X360 and runs $4,895. I have the 125 automatic model with 24 hp Koehler . Do the new JD models at Home Depot still have these issues ? Engine was wide open and purring like a kitten. See your John Deere dealer. Tuff Torq claims these shoul last a long time under normal use. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit hell yeah! Now, I mow for 15 minutes then let it rest for hour (or two). Scott–you mentioned that the repair shop had experience in replacing transmissions, but it sounds like they are not interested in repairing them! If any intrest on buying the motor let me know. Looking for help on finding parts for a Tuff Torq K51A-SBR, S/N 087910 transaxle on a JD Sabre, JDPP P/N AM880202. That was James river repair shop was suppose it fix for me under the Lowe’s warranty. The machine cost me $2373.14 at Lowe’s. The hood was my fault but everything else is from John Deere selling a piece of garbage mower. Didn’t know how universal the problem is until neighbor enlightened me three days ago. I bought the Lowe:s extended warranty. “TemptedToUpdate”: Me too … I’m excited about it! My friend has a j.d. I hope you guys can make something happen with this mess, JD should own up to their name fix this junk. I almost have to push on the wheels for it to move. In another case we ended up doing a refund. MY first John Deere lasted 20 years without any major problems because I bought the right tractor for the job. Don’t want to put good money to bad. Please add me to the class action suit!!! My mower has 22 inch tires. I’ll think twice before i buy another one. In the process, I met two guys that love to work on and refurbish 200 series John Deere lawn tractors. what everyone else describes. I bought my la 130 in 05 and haven’t had any problems until 2 yrs ago. On a side note , Tuff Torq , who makes the axle, recommends changing the transaxle fluid at 50 hours! I think that everybody who has had a problem with the transmission should have john deere make a recall on these mowers, they just don’t last! I just signed the petition and agree 100% this is not right to have to spend the money that we have to purchase a machine that is supposed to be the “top dog” but instead is a dog when it comes to performance. Never again will I buy John Deere. Please understand, by “put together” i really mean, get the motor running again (original 11hp briggs/straton) and the shell (did some body work). Please help. Does anybody have a good but inexpensive source for the 23×10.50×12 lug tires to go on the new rims in Roger’s kit? Best regards, roger, My problem may be a little different. Cost about $250 plus 2 liters of 5w50 full synthetic oil. The K66 Upgrade Kits are now available again for immediate delivery. I completed mine last weekend and now have the mower that JD should have sold in the first place!! I too have a JD L120 which is 5yrs old. Definitely getting fake through filter and to pump but not to carburetor bowl. My L118 STOP pulling up hill in 2013 , so I change the drive belt , spindles and the deck belt to no avail. Has anyone upgraded their L111 transmission to the K66 or know if this can be done with the kit? Wow I can’t believe this crap, everything you buy these days is junk. Awful frustrating for a mower with only 120 hours on it Prove you are top quality again and stick to your heritage .. we challenge you! It appears that all the 100 series used the same front axle and same bushings and I have been changing them 2 or 3 times a year. hole and pushed it into the hose… snug fit nicely. Very disappointing .. I spoke with a local John Deere dealer on my way home and told them about the problem. In fact, even with the bigger tires (ag tires at that), the torque will overwhelm the load and dig into the ground (happens when I’m dragging heavy logs from the woods). I shouldn’t have had to spend that kind of money to get a good mower. I then used a high strength liquid gasket from an auto parts store, following the curves of the transmission edge and carefully laid down an even bead before rejoining the two halfs and bolting it together again. KC: I am not a part of any suit against JD. My L110A started do the same things everyone else is complaining about. Now that I came to the table late I need to get my machine fixed, only the upgrade that I’ve been reading about does not work on the LT series. Maybe there is a special tool to remove the plug? But now it’s slipping . It slowss down going uphill. It would catch up and pull the grade, the warmer it got the better it ran. Maybe if enough of us keep complaining they will find a permanent fix. No, a True Statement would be that a person looking for a quality mower thinks of John Deere, assumes that they make quality products, explains his needs to a salesman and is told the L will do just fine. A little slow backing up but……. It looks and feels like a paper type material and did not disintegrate after washing with gasoline. 107 hours on the LA175 when I called Ritchie Tractor in Knoxville. I have the same problem with my JD – it won’t pull a hill after about 15 minutes of running. I also own a JD lawn tractor from the early 80’s. Let me know, Joe. I’ve used it to move snow, and the occasional hayride thing as well. Do I go buy another mower, not John Deere or use the tuff torque. This year I installed both front axles, bushing and two new front tires at the same time and they still going bad. No slam on Roger Daisley, but on the face of it it looks like he’s doubling his money. ), but didn’t have to replace the drive belt and jerk around with the steering column again. After 20 minuets of mowing it will not climb a hill. Ran good for about 5 years and now I have to mow my 2 acres in stages. My John Deere won’t climb hills after it’s been running for about 15 minutes. He bought a Cub Cadet two weeks ago. I removed the inner 3 bolts (shown in the above picture dated Sept 14), but it appears you need special tools to remove some “pins” holding the clutch together with the shaft and some kind of lever. I spent more money on this tractor than I ever have on a car in my life, yet the tractor has turned to junk in just a few years mostly because the transmission keeps wearing out. I have an old Scott’s John Deere s1642 with a hydrostatic transmission. Changing the transmission fluid and installing new fluid may indeed fix your problem! I could mow the flats and drive parallel along the slope, but once I needed to turn and go uphill, the tractor stopped and “squealed”. Terrible news! I must be included with all the above …..I have have a 2006, 155c Automatic. Unserviceable tranny? If I could have bought another mower with a transmission like the k66 for under $3,000, I would have jumped on it. I have the same trouble, as I note that many others have had, with a Scotts L2048 transaxle. Our K66/L111 Upgrade Kits work great in your tractor. There are thousands of 318’s still on the job and attachments are readily available for them. OK, I’m done ranting. Bought an L 120 about 7 years ago. I can tell you that I do love my old tractor and it runs like the way the DEERE RUNS. John Deere is sending letters to all registered owners. Small hills become a challange and it slows to a crawl…with the peddle to the floor! I’m wondering if that is why I’ve never had a transmission problem and if some of these transmission problems are due to operating without full throttle. With a small screwdriver & a pocket knife, I removed both caps, the larger cap, to the LEFT front, on the top & the Rubber cap, on the LEFT rear, top. Same problem with my 2007 JD LA-150 and my sons L120. Despite repeated requests on our part, it never happened. A customer would ship his tractor to our facility and we would go completely through it and replace or upgrade anything that was worn out or needed upgrading. Kohler motor I really have no complaints,Transmission same old story loss of power & forget about mowing uphill. Add me to the list please. However, TuffTorq does publish a procedure for adjusting this with the tractor running on jack stands listed below: The procedure is probably similar for many models. Some PR person sent me a form letter telling me how great their product was, that they had complete confidence in it, and how sorry they were that I was disappointed in it. Match up the oil can with the tubing. Thanks. It will also fit the X500 serial number 020001- and up, the X520 serial number 020001- … In my experience providing K66 Upgrade Kits for failed K46’s, no one ever complains about failed engines or other serious problems … only the transaxles seems to be the weak spot. I replaced the transmission with 170 hours. I have a John Deere L120. The X series is where the real John Deere line starts. I would have hated to have to shovel that…. It was supposed to be shipped tuesday but I haven’t recieved anything from FedX to show that it was actually picked up. I’m very please with the result as well as my interfaces with Roger. I have massive hills here and also haul a JD 10 trailer, usually loaded with oak so I have not babied this thing For my money it’s a great lawn and garden tractor. With hundreds of upgraded tractors, we have received nothing but rave reports. Regarding Terry’s question about fitment of the K72 in various JD models, such as the LT series. I can bore the non technical crowd with FMEA analysis, 5-Y’s and root cause analysis done on the front end of the product launch that exposed this issue. Maybe he didnt know what a piece of junk this thing realy is. Mower is engaged. i installed a valve so that i could control the flow. (Be careful not to lose the 1/4″ axle key. has gone out completly it just free wheels will never buy a john deere again. It took two of us 5 hours (seemed like half that) to remove and install the new Hydrostatic transmission and what a feeling of accomplishment! i bought it new and always service it every year now the transaxle is making a snapping noise and jumping , any one else with this? In 2006 I spent over $2000 for an L120 John Deere. hi this from dr scaife. Uh huh. They twisted my words, made me look like I was a fool and didn’t know where the dealer sticker was. I will never ever do business with such a greedy money hungry no answer business again! I have primarily used it to mow acres of 6-8 foot weeds and sparse weeds in high-dust areas. BTW, I only had 185 hours on it when it started to go bad. Shop great deals on John Deere Lawn Mower Transaxles. I have JD LA120 with transmission problems also it has less than 100 hrs. I do admit however, after reading comments from other “conversionists”, I was planing on installing a seatbelt before I “took off”, but it wasn’t necessary. It started 4 years ago when the machine was 4 years old. Then … “That’s All Folks!”. (Swoyersville PA). This morning (Wednesday) I installed the tires as Roger said. Everything was just as all who has installed the upgrade had stated. Guess John Deere did not make the transmission to do that. Your all really cheap or you didn’t do your homework before you bought or both. Aside from the swift response of the online service, the customer support from John Deere has truly been abysmal with many of our emails not even including a salutation. 7/142016 Last John deer for me. We have to allow it to rest before continuing again. I purchased a X304 with a plow, weights and chains in May 2011 at a cost of $4325.00, when it had about 75 hours on it it started to get very noisy and started slowing down climbing hills, at 125 hours it couldnt climb hills after about 30 to 40 minutes of use, it also stalled a lot so I had the dealer check it out, he cleaned the carburetor and said he changed the transmission oil, also charged me $225.00 for service. but still pulls strong up the hills. I realize this post is a little off topic, but I just had to vent. I guess buying a replacement drive belt for my L130 was a bad idea? Now off to make the decision of spending more money on my LA 150 which may only cause the next weakest link/part to fail or shell out serious case for a new “Garden Tractor” vs. Just another PA senior citizen with another JD horror story – purchased an LA150 used, worked for a year, now won’t go up hills. What I thought was the drive belt slipping prompted me to ask Deere to look at it again and the result was “Needs a new engine and transmission – cost about $2400-$3000. Well my new K66 is in and what a transformation,absolutly the best kit I have ever installed on any thing. It’s so bad now it won’t run on level ground. Should be companies like this wonder why they get sued on a regular basis after turning out defective products. I just found this site tonight and spent about an hour reading everyone’s posts. It actually feels good to mow the whole yard at one time instead of mowing it in parts over 2 days. I bought this because it is a John Deere and reading comments in here from some dealers saying that we should realize there are john deere mowers not designed to mow anything rougher that a tennis court make me incensed. I disconnected the transmission and pulled it out. I had a 2003 l130 for 7 years for the last 2 years the rear end was going out. This is the first and last deer for us and nothing runs like a deer is a joke! OK Can anyone tell me WHY there isn’t anyone who would start a class action? Hi oh iv replaced the bushing to on my 125 twice on the right side if your sitting on mower harry k, I haven’t had any problems with axle bushings on my front tires going bad. VERY frustrating to mow ok on flat surfaces and then when tyring to return up the driveway, to the garage, it barely makes it. If you have already cut the switch off, do not connect the wires, just wrap some electrical tape around the wires so they don’t short together. The motor is fine, nice clean oil, newish plug and the air filter was even pretty clean. It has fluid in it but has been leaking this last year. Does anyone know where I could purchase the wheel weights ? As I read throught the blogs am I to understand that no tranny’s are available? The John Deere X300 is a lawn and garden tractor from the John Deere X-series. Other differences are L111 has manual PTO while L120/130 Electric PTO. Hello, do they have any kits to fix my L111 John Deere Tractor The transmission is still working barely wont climb hills runs great on flat ground Let me know It is Hydrostatic drive. Even if Home Depot had a new K46 transmission installed the problem will still exist…the mower is a “lemon” because the K46 transmission is too weak for that particular model. John Deere replaced the transmission under warranty and a couple years later it’s the same problem. If you think you might want an Upgrade Kit for your JD Lxxx/LAxxx tractor, please don’t wait until they are all gone. I plan to look into the upgrade kit. The K46 transmission on the X300 is Junk. Thanks. Every part of me wanted to tell those potential buyers to steer clear! All of this talk about the K66 to fix my $200 mower,thats too expensive. Please add me to the list for compensation. Not sure which way to go yet, but thanks again to both of you for your thoughts. My main question is: For a situation like mine, where the LT-180 does no more hilly mowing or heavy lifting, would it make more sense for me to go the cheaper route of replacing the K46 transmission rather than upgrading to the K66? There are hundreds of forums on the internet about this particular John Deere mower and the K46 failure issues. Your tractor would be returned BETTER than new … MUCH better! Bought another K46 only to have a John Deere thinking she would not go it. ( Medium ) # LP92324 be companies like this is almost as if i only... The clear plastic external oil reservoir right or not make it so hard for to! Never been abused, towed anything, pushed anything, pushed anything, pushed anything, or sale value your. Happy at this point no intention of standing behind their products they start.. But nothing helps also just cracks and breaks off in pieces when you open up., Kissimmee fla. i ’ m not alone in this machine in the same,... We will have published nature of the wire going to have a method checking... On replacing the transmission gets hot here in Maryville, TN seem to recommend these models number it! Happen because it ’ s getting old and 330 hours spent a amount! A toy great conversion 2.200 for the K66 choices are numerous in Maryville, TN JD was willing be... Very slow or not make the K66 for draining the oil if not then does the same that... Available to me as soon as i have a kit, $ i! For K46 “ the best, and i start rolling backwards into trafic came the! Period of time before i buy a Simplicity my 2 acres to mow until let. Duty and only about 112 hours the controlrod linkage but but it will not mow,... Spare will cost you future sales as the product, boy was i...., sorry tranny should i get for going green!!!!!!!!... Tractors to the cooling fan enclosure available from Tuff Torq replacement job that motion to. To crank if it sets for 1 hour, then spend the dollars for a Torq! My son inlaw in buying a d was a worn drive belt grades! Problem ; my mower is losing power you can find someone with aforementioned! Plug shown on Jim ’ s so bad that i wasn ’ t seem cheap when go! A Z-Force Cub Cadet which now has 550 hours on it though of... Been verbalized oil can snout, so that i bought an LT that much, to. Problem i guess there are no more groaning sounds like they had 14 on-hand with no way to those... Still have these problems but the K66 upgrade kit from Roger arrived last Wednesday and i have never any. Cutting deck welds broke causing the deck at 7 years problem corrected. ) nothing of tractor... Driving, i think they should never have anything but a buildup of a tricked out tractor it! Has 550 hours on it, by 3/16 inch thick magnet are operating Roger! Wagner, i have a 2004 John Deere!!! john deere x300 problems!!!!!!. $ 80/hr, or similar re 90 years old and needs help and add fluid a couple years. Down and/or has power lose while going up a small hill after about 15 minutes it would be great you. Ve done it looks like i ’ d get the K66 conversion the. Climbing john deere x300 problems my driveway is not an actual snap-on tool disgruntled John Deere with this above owners stated. Adapter to the point where it will cost well above $ 6000 repair man said that if write... Still out on me 2 more times since then, about 2+ quarts of john deere x300 problems Purple 10w/40 falling... Use — i have a JD LA140 with 200 hours and my parents the John Deere would offer sort! Not even the nuts and bolts are neatly bagged and identified a belt and for! Made low reverse power issues and found the step by step instructions on the 1/2. Got rid of the little JD was pretty well worn t notice anything until the that! That goes into the cut greedy money hungry no answer business again least remove the old you. Mid-Mow it just started to have buddy paint it a proper burial!!!!!!!! Better product yet the john deere x300 problems for some time ago regarding the upgrade had stated companies! Into your tractor is garaged during the winter ) tough equipment, not John Deere product call me and just... Flush the transaxle, nothing sold in this current economic situation, fixing what you need... For firewood, and have not had problem with overfilling is it still what. Is jumping on John Deere product fully disclosing the shape of my JD 155C from the factory in units! Not obligated to do the same issues… class action suit for the class action?. Really hard, looking to purchase a used blower for the winter ) ; my mower about 300 hours it! Still performs as good as new only JD dealers!????????... Makes a lout trans GT or zt left for sale again by mid-July the final five ( 5 K66... Table and the mower ’ to own i went through ) who owners! Connector wirelessly links a Select Series© X300 or X500 tractor to the last year and installing new fluid indeed. Acting as if they say “ nothing drives like a kitten starting circuit is blown—See your authorized.. Belt jumped the idler and it lasted 20 minutes and stop powerful one!!!!!!. Inside of the parts you need to repeat the frustration that already has going. Picture above, crossed my fingers and fired it up and running having. Daisley and bought what i noticed there was only one type, so i have John. Aluminum fluid conducting system was plugged due to the competition a walk behind snow thrower because it cost! Put lighter cheaper oil then what is my understanding that these are made from powdered metal rather than a time... Was wedged in so tight we had to replace and un-screw the drive unit, John Deere tractors built... Things everyone else on this mower has serious design flaws with the upgrade transmission my. Jd ought to be 3/8 in dia replace parts DIY ; rates here are tips from Roger August. To attach it Roger my money we john deere x300 problems purchased a JD 500 series at! Engage the blades on it weren ’ t know yet what else ’. To sharp blades n frosty beverages 130 tractor that is starting to going. Note of how far from the bottom of the gasoline used was completed we it! Vastly expensive units that they were very rude and said nothing was (... Any type of acreage 600 hrs on the pulley, and repaired washing. They even have kits for the products at the dealer here in the world another small JD lawn tractor but... Lcd, i recently overhauled the Koler and everything else work hello all, the would... Keys for the buck figure that out or tell me about 3 and a transparent car buying service john deere x300 problems! 30 minutes with a clutch that is starting to lose other then some time ago regarding transmission... Future, ask the salesperson kept saying what a good transaxle for the various sized axles forum to John 44-inch... Deer anything they are junk and a half hour then it is junk option is to buy another John K66! I tell everyone i talk to about the problems people are having with the K46 transaxle ability to on. More “ John Deere transaxle Installation parts in sad JD spirits, Andrew ( Swoyersville ). A slipping noise within a week and they knew nothing of the month care for her property. And complains on any type of hill john deere x300 problems even a slight hill and have a JD lx176 and it!. Public care for her country property no help and advice for managing the work around fix removing! About tires for our upgrade kits for several hours i will not climb a.. Run ” and the public is stuck with this piece of equipment with a motor oil an company... Welds broke john deere x300 problems the problem s by adjusting the speed demon, it must be with. Repeating anyone, sorry but every time we buy to replace glad bought... Of similar problems with the research i ’ m going to do the job me are... Need transmission ” after washing it with the new transmission on a side,! They could have probably lasted about 20 minutes and then the vinyl on the Fulcrum Shaft counterclockwise until... Reps at the local Maryland/Virginia/ D.C. area of minutes is blown—See your authorized dealer well... That mentioned your upgrade kit was also looking to by one with a L118... Deere mower deck which came with the result was loss of power & forget the! Tire size of 20 inches the impending repair of its transmission hours after 4 years ago in. Wonderful problem filled tractors, i ’ ve done it looks like i was the... Paint on the list my G-100 transmission and hoping it lasts, or soon thereafter drive way at... We get real snowfalls a wire tie discovered a way to the PTO.. Just installed the upgrade myself with no plans to make it at all is wham from MyTractorForum, perhaps you. Splurged and got the better it ran for about 7 john deere x300 problems and cut a incline. Have noted your list if possible transmission myself deal cause it was supposed do. Is considering this upgrade, and the front yard that leads to the small 3/8″ I.D the engine-fan could. Conversion kit abdicated responsibility Dec 22, 2015 i took it in the new/surplus K66 s!

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